1 - Pre-Sales FAQs (17)
Read common FAQs about our integrated website design/hosting services, features, options, etc.
2 - Design/Integration Phase FAQs (30)
Read common FAQs for the design/integration phase of your website - for registered users only!
3 - Post-Launch FAQs (10)
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Can we upgrade our current Point-of-Rentalâ„¢ hosted website to a new layout?
Yes, we design new layouts each year - please contact us to inquire about new layout/upgrade...
How do we sign up for your integrated website design/hosting services?
Please go to http://www.rentalhosting.com/integrated-website-hosting-package-deluxe.php to view...
Where does my website data come from?
The online catalog portion of your new website comes directly from your Point-of-Rental™...