What do you mean by "integrated" website design/hosting services? How are your services different from what we currently have?

Our websites are the only online solution that automatically uploads your Point-of-Rental™ inventory to the web.  With other rental sites, you must maintain the online inventory yourself; it can easily become out-of-date.  The Point-of-Rental™ solution saves you time and money, and ensures that your online customers will see your most current inventory.

Of course, our solution also gives you a sophisticated web presence.  Our Web Design Team will work with you to tailor the new website to your business - no more trying to fit your store information into a tiny box on a template!  Primary features of our integrated website hosting services include:


  • Home page and other static pages for directions, rental policy, services, rentals, etc.
  • Daily automatic uploading of rental and sale inventory from your Point-of-Rental™ system including pricing, specifications, instructions and pictures
  • Search feature for rental and sale inventory
  • Shopping cart to create a “request for quote” that is automatically e-mailed to your store and imported with a single click to create an quick reservation
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features to help with search engine rankings such as Google and Bing
  • Many layout options to choose from to meet your specific needs
  • Smartphone/Mobile Website* to help your mobile customers easily find your store and efficiently search your online catalog while on the move
  • Customer Portal Interface* allows your account customers to log in and view their account summary, statements, and contracts
  • And much more!
    * Our Smartphone/Mobile Website and Customer Portal Interface are optional services

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